The Patent Department

The Patent Department provides full support to clients at every stage from finding inventions to granting patents, with an eye to the future use of rights. It is composed of experts in a wide range of fields, including IT, AI, machinery, electricity, chemistry, materials, and life sciences.
Recent years have seen an increase in requests to find inventions, which was previously handled by IP departments. We try to draw out many ideas from a variety of perspectives to help our clients to develop patents that will benefit their business.
In the past, the technology sector played a central role in patent strategy, but recently more and more applications are submitted from sectors with relatively little to do with patent strategy, such as sales and planning departments.
We have gained experience and expertise in applications in these new sectors with our many specialized experts in the fields of solutions, AI, and IoT. In the sectors that are not normally involved in applying patents, we help clients to find inventions that can be patented and create beneficial patents.
We also work closely with local agents around the world in the network our office has spent many years building in order to provide strong support for obtaining beneficial patents all over the world.
We are committed to fully utilizing our strengths in all aspects, from patent application to granting of patents, providing our clients with high-quality IP services at reasonable prices.

Jun Takamura, Patent Attorney
Representative Director

Representative Director

Jun Takamura

Jun Takamura

After completing graduate school, Mr. Takamura joined a Japanese OA manufacturer as an engineer and was involved in product development for nearly 10 years.
In 2001, after being licensed as a patent attorney, he joined Sakai International Patent Office, where he engaged not only in patent application and prosecution but also in appraisals and other related functional work, providing guidance to many patent engineers over the years as a department head.
During that period, he also made many overseas business trips, contributing proactively to building our network of companies and agents all over the world.
In April 2018, Mr. Takamura took over for Dr. Hiroaki Sakai (now Chairman) in the position of Representative Director, where he remains to this day.

Fields of Specialization

Patents (Machinery, control, software, nuclear power, fluidic devices, wheels, simulation, construction machinery, printing machinery, thermal equipment, air conditioning systems, rotating electrical machinery, robots, mobile phones, display devices, electronic components)


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